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Leucadia  PopUp


Duck Foot Brewery has a tasting room in Leucadia (North County) (978 N. 101 Coast Hwy, #2051, Encinitas, CA, 92024) that they have been gracious enough to offer us a spot to do a weekly PopUp. We will begin this PopUp every Sunday starting March 10, 2024. The menu will be much smaller than the menu in the restaurants but still consist of South African Bunny Chows, curries, peri peri, wraps, combo's, sides, appetizers, desserts, snacks and take home products. We look forward to bringing South African Food to North County and to meeting some new local South Africans and other foodies interested in this unique cuisine. So join us every Sunday for some great food and brews.

The Menu


  • Chicken Wings (8) ... $9.95

  • Boerewros Bites ... $9.95

  • Biltong ((4oz) Traditional or Spicy) ... $12.95

  • Droëwors ((4oz) Traditional or Spicy) ... $12.95

Mains - Add a side for $3.00

  • South African Burger w/ side ... $14.95

    • Traditional or All Beef or Beyond Beef Burger 

    • Choice of Sauce (Peri Peri, Monkey Gland, Peri-Mustard and Side

  • South African Hotdog (Boerie Roll) w/ side ... $14.95

    • Traditional or All Beef Boerewors (Farmers Sausage)

    • Choice of Sauce (Peri Peri, Monkey Gland, Peri-Mustard and Side

  • Off the Grill Chicken Thighs or Wings or Beyond Beef ... $14.95

    • Choice of Sauce (Peri Peri, Monkey Gland, Peri-Mustard and Side

  • Large Salad... $9.95

    • Add Protein - Peri Peri Chicken ($5) or Beyond Beef($5)​

Sides ... $4.95 (A la Carté)

  • Potato Salad

    • with red pepper, red onion, celery and greek yogurt

  • Garden Salad

    • Spring Mix, Tomatoes, Carrot, Red onion​ w/ Turmeric Garlic Yogurt Dressing

  • Yellow Rice 

    • ​​Rice cooked with turmeric and cinnamon

Desserts .. $4.50

  • 3 Crunchies

    • Rolled oats, coconut & syrup bars

Take Home Products ... $12.95

  • Beef Biltong (Traditional or Spicy) (4oz) - Dried Beef

  • Beef Droëwors (Traditional or Spicy) (4oz) - Dried Sausage

  • Bottled Peri Peri Sauces (Medium, Hot, Xtra Hot, Xtra Xtra Hot)

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